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Grand Cholan

Chola – the Tamil Kingdom who ruled Southern part of the Indian subcontinent, SriLanka and parts of South Asia over five centuries, the kingdom and people flourished during Chola period in civilisation, art, literature and lifestyle. Chola’s left a great legacy by building several temples of which Tanjavure stands to be the biggest and tallest among all temples in India of its time. Several of these sites classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Food was a big part of life for the Cholas; their dominance of naval power was vital for trade which introduced new spices and flavours to their table. Cholas food was innovative with those spices and found to be extraordinary, and they enjoyed different characteristics of vegetable, meat and fish.

Grand Cholan

Inspired by the Chola Kingdom’s food habits

Grand Cholan- Inspired by the Chola Kingdom’s food habits, Grand Cholan is formed to cater such elegance of food to be served at the heart of London- Docklands which is next to the world-famous business hub – Canary wharf. Our mission is to prepare and serve the traditional recipes passed on to generations. Our signature curry’s like Kerala beef curry, Chicken curry, Lamb curry’s methods are from old journals which will taste uniquely comparing to other authentic restaurants. We balance between spices and heat to maintain taste and flavour. High-quality ingredients sourced from the local market.

A famous writer, Devi Yesodharan says


Our Chef & Team

Head Chef Mr Ramesh Babu originally from Tamil Nadu with experience of over 30 years in producing Indian food. He specialises in North Indian, and South Indian food production and roughly would have fed more than 300,000 people in his career. We are very proud to have him as our Head chef to fulfil our mission; his extensive experience with the cuisine and ability to createfood recipe is genuinely mesmerising. In his career, he has achieved Level 3 hygiene certificate, culinary awards and several best chef of the year awards.

Our service team, with their warm, welcoming simile and extensive experience, can make your visit a memorable one every time. Service teams food knowledge can help you to choose from our house specials which are not served anywhere in London.

Grand Cholan restaurant is located near beautiful Docklands viewing directly over the water. The relaxing environment gives the diners a peaceful and enjoyable meal. The nearest DLR station is Crossharbour which is only three stops away from Canary Wharf station. Canary Wharf is a world-renowned business and banking hub. Our restaurant caters to several corporate businesses lunch, dinner and special events. Docklands with the beauty of its water around the city attracts tourists around the globe.
Corporate & Businesses
We cater to several businesses located at Crossharbour, South Quay and Canary Wharf providing special discounts for them so they can confidently entertain their clients without an expensive food bill. Cooking for corporate events can be booked so our specialist team can cook and serve hot food.
Atmosphere & Drinks
The relaxing and warmth atmosphere/setting of our restaurant is ideal for corporate clients, couples, group of friends and family. Specially selected wines, Indian beers and soft drinks served at our restaurant, which complements the food.